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Ca' Dario. Fachada policromada al Gran Canal
Entrance atrium to the Hotel Danieli. Photo: I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
I fully understand that Bill Gates has bought it this January 2022. I would too if I had enough money for it. Looking out the window in a 14th century palace, decorated with Murano lamps and period furniture, with incredible views of the Lagoon is a dream come true.
Las ventanas ojivales desde el salón interior
The lancet windows from the inner hall


Detalle ventanas palacio Dandolo (Hotel Danieli)
Detail of the windows or Dandolo palace (Hotel Danieli)
Fachada hotel Danieli
Hotel Danieli facade

The main palace in which the hotel is located, called the Dandolo Palace, dates back to the 14th century and was built by the Dandolo family who gave 4 Doges (rulers) to Venice, including Doge Enrico Dandolo who conquered Constantinople. In those times, the shore of the lagoon was very different from how we know it today, narrow and a port of call for commercial ships arriving from the East, the true gateway to the city.

Palacio Dandolo en el año 1500 (mapa de Barbari)
Dandolo Palace in the year 1500 (Barbari map)
Antonello de Sanseverino
Antonello de Sanseverino

In 1498, the palace is mentioned for the first time as a place of prestige for travelers when the prince of Salerno, Antonello de Sanseverino, along with a retinue of 44 people stayed in the house for a season. So serving as a shelter already comes from afar.

In 1536 the building was bought in part by another noble family, the Grittis, and later passed into the hands of other noble families: the Bernardos and the Mocenigos.

The Dandolo Palace has always been remembered for the great parties that were held and for the illustrious guests who stayed there: in 1629 the wedding reception between Giustiniana Mocenigo and Lorenzo Giustinian was held right here, for which one of the first plays in Venice, the kidnapping of Proserpina by Claudio Monteverdi and Giulio Strozzi, quite a spectacle of the time.

These two families were still the owners of the building when, in 1822, Giuseppe Dal Niel, known as Danieli, rented the first floor of the building for his own use and to house his guests. In 1824, he bought the entire building, restored it, and converted it into the ROYAL DANIELI HOTEL (it seems that the word, which he named Danieli, did not sound elegant enough on its own).

Anuncio del hotel Royal Danieli (1885)
Advertisement for the Royal Danieli Hotel (1885)

And then it changed owners, to the Genovesi and Campi Bozzi & C. who in 1895 introduced electricity, elevators and steam radiators, ¡the ultimate for that time!

In 1945 the houses to the left of the Dandolo Palace were demolished, and the Palazzo Danieli Excelsior was built there, as an extension of the Hotel Danieli. Previously, it had been extended with another palace on its right side: The Casa Nuova Palace, from the 19th century.


The rooms of the Danieli have witnessed many famous love stories:

George Sand
George Sand

- In its rooms lived an intense and scandalous love story GEORGE SAND and the poet ALFRED DE MUSSET. In the latter's "Story of My Life" he reveals that they tossed a coin to decide between Rome and Venice and fate made them travel to Venice.

- The actress ELEONORA DUSE lived a turbulent passionate story with the very young writer GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO. It is said that she shouted "I see the sun!" when he saw the handsome poet's face in front of the Danieli hotel.

Maria Callas
Maria Callas

- 👀 ARISTOTELES ONASSIS and MARIA CALLAS lived part of their turbulent relationships in one of the hotel suites behind the backs of their respective partners ATHINA LIVANOS and GIAMBATTISTA MENEGHINI and they also met here at a masquerade party

The walls of this hotel have many legends and intrigues to tell...


👀 Danieli appears, among other films in Vittorio de Sica's Journey with Sophia Loren, in 3 of the James Bond films, Moonraker; From Russia with Love and Casino Royal, and also in "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. In one scene, Depp climbed the roofs of the hotel in his pajamas.

Escena de la película "El Turista"
Scene from the movie "The Tourist"

In addition to hosting Marcel Proust and Ruskin, the Danieli also hosted other writers such as Goethe, Lord Byron, Balzac, Dickens, George Sand and Truman Capote.


No matter what, you have to arrive glamorously at this hotel by gondola through its side door to the Rio del Vin.

Unmissable are the views from its rooftop terrace (and from its rooms), where there is a restaurant from which you can admire the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and the Doge's Palace, as well as the Lagoon and the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Restaurante en azotea con vistas a la Basílica della Salute. Foto: Hotel Danieli
Rooftop restaurant with views of the Basilica della Salute. Photo: Hotel Danieli
Vistas Laguna y Campanile de San Marcos. Foto: Hotel Danieli
Laguna and Campanile de San Marcos views. Photo: Hotel Danieli

The three Suites called "Signatures", inspired by three celebrities: Greta Garbo, Maria Callas and Princess Grace of Monaco (of course, all of them were staying at this hotel)

Salón de una de las suites Signature
Living room of one of the Signature suites. Photo: Hotel Danieli
Vistas a la isla de San Giorgio Maggiore desde una suite Signature
Views of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore from a Signature Suite. Photo: Hotel Danieli

The Doge Dandolo suite has 180º views of the Lagoon with San Giorgio Maggiore Island as a backdrop, 19th-century portraits, Baroque armchairs and Carrara marble tables, but the most spectacular is an original 18th-century fresco by Jacobo Guarana on top of the bed.

La suite Dandolo con el fresco de Guarana en el techo
The Dandolo suite with the Guarana fresco on the ceiling. Photo: Hotel Danieli
Detalle del techo de la suite Dandolo
Detail of the ceiling of the Dandolo suite
Salón suite Dandolo
Living room suite Dandolo. Photo: Hotel Danieli

But especially the magnificent entrance atrium, presided over by a golden staircase (in which you will want to stay) and galleries decorated with Moorish arches and oriental-inspired columns, marble busts, floral motifs... will remain etched in your memory.

Low level. Murano lamps
Techo de cristal del atrio de entrada. Foto: Hotel Danieli
Glass roof of the entrance hall. Photo: Hotel Danieli
Atrio en mármol rosa. Foto: Hotel Danieli
Atrium in pink marble. Photo: Hotel Danieli


👀 In the 19th century, the hotel had access to its own private beach and in addition guests could use the services of interpreters versed in different European languages.

Una de las llaves que me gustaría tener algún día
One of the keys I'd like to pick up one day
Hotel Danieli is a 14th century architectural gem...suspended in time. I have always wanted to stay, even if it was just for one night, in this legendary hotel that this year will celebrate its 200th anniversary as a hotel. And you? Comment with "I want a room key 🗝️"


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