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1 day in Venice: Virtual Reality walk

Today I bring you an itinerary in my blog, a virtual reality walk:

  • For those who are going to travel in the near or distant future

  • For those who simply want to know the city in the distance and

  • For those who want to remember what they have already seen.

For all of them, with you and now, main places to see in Venice, live walking its streets and canals , with 360 ° views of the itinerary: A 1-DAY WALK.

Due to the load of visualizations, this article is preferable to be read in a computer.

Altana Venecia
Aerial view of Saint Mark's Square, heart of the city
What you are going to visit: the Grand Canal, a vaporetto tour; the Bridge of Sighs; San Marcos Square and its essential buildings that include the Doge's Palace and the Basilica of San Marcos; and then a walk through squares, streets and churches to end up submerged in the life of an 18th century palace: Ca'Rezzonico

Remember to move around in the spherical photos: holding down the mouse or sliding your finger on the mobile screen. Spherical photos are marked in the upper left corner with a gray diamond symbol. At the bottom you can navigate the path to different scenes with the arrows < or > (marked "Scene 1 of 9"). They can also be viewed with 3D glasses (in mobile version, by clicking on the upper right corner)

Google maps can be enlarged by clicking on the upper right rectangle.


Usually, if you are only going to visit Venice for one day is that you arrive from the Santa Lucia train station or from the bus station in Plaza Roma, which is where the airport bus leaves you.

When you arrive at Santa Lucía station or Plaza Roma, take vaporetto no. 1, the water bus (in the direction of San Marcos)

In the following spherical photo you can visualize and move around the main sites you will visit:

* If you see it black, click on the upper left gray hexagon


The Grand Canal or Canalazzo (that's how Venetians call it) is a natural channel, through which an ancient river flowed. It is… 3.8 kilometers long and shaped like an S.

Since Venice became a powerhouse, this channel has been the main route for transport in the city: in the past it was full of boats that went to Rialto. Today, instead, there are "vaporettos", gondolas and boats sailing.

The 22 scenes just in front of your eyes are a parade of palaces and churches built in a period of around 500 years and in each scene, you can move with the mouse in all directions, and also consult information about a specific building by clicking on its symbol "i"

* If you see image in black, click on the upper left gray hexagon.

More detailed information in Gran Canal


Get off at the stop “S.MARCO - S.ZACCARIA” to walk from there to Saint Mark's square passing by the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Its story is not romantic at all. The sighs to which the name of the bridge refers, are the sighs of the condemned who were going to be locked up in prison, and they lamented and resigned before the loss of freedom, sighing when passing through the interior of this bridge

Move freely with the white arrows:

Napoleon defined it as "The most beautiful lounge in Europe". Its construction began in the 9th century, adopting its current size and shape in 1177. The square has always been the center of Venice.

The buildings around the square are, counterclockwise from the Grand Canal:

* If you see image in black, click on the upper left gray hexagon.

Much of the ground floor of the Procuratories is occupied by cafeterias, including the Caffè Florian, and the Gran Caffè Quadri; The Correr Museum and the Museum of Archeology, are located in some buildings in the square.

Sal de la plaza de San Marcos por las arcadas del fondo, donde se encuentra el museo Correr.

Leave San Marcos Square through the arcades at the back, where the Correr museum is located.


The letters in fuchsia color correspond to the points marked on the Google Maps map:

Altogether, the church is a monument to the Barbaro family, with the effigies of the five brothers of the captain and the representation of the places of their victorious battles.

E View of Grand Canal

View of the Grand Canal to admire one of the most beautiful palaces that overlook the Grand Canal: Palazzo Barbarigo, It is distinguished by its Murano glass mosaics, installed in 1868, when the palace belonged to the owners from one of the glass factories.

In the back of the square, you will see a river with an apse that acts as a bridge. You will relax in this little crowded square, Campo Sant'Angelo.

Impressive views of the Grand Canal to take the best photos.

A scene from the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed here, in Campo San Barnaba in front of the church, with the facade of the church turned into an imaginary library.

The Castellani and the Nicolotti were the two factions into which the popular class of Venice was divided. These rival clans met on the small bridges without railings and were dedicated to punching each other so that the enemies fell into the canal. You can put your feet on the footprints on the bridge where they prepared for the fight, the Ponte dei Pugni.

Campo San Barnaba

Ponte dei Pugni (of fists)

Feel the magic as you enter the ballroom. The palace houses the "Museo del Settecento Veneciano" (The Museum of the Venetian 18th century).

On the first floor, through eleven rooms, you can admire eighteenth-century paintings, sculptures and furniture, as well as precious decorative frescoes on the ceilings.

On the second floor, which opens with the room of paintings dominated by two youthful paintings by Canaletto, you must see the room dedicated to the work of Longhi and the frescoes brought from Villa Zianigo.


Fachada Basílica San Marcos
Saint Mark's Basilica facade
El Gran Canal desde el puente de la Academia
Grand Canal from Accademia bridge
Basílica Santa María de la Salute
Santa María della Salute Basílica
Palazzo Ducale
Doge's Palace
Palazzo Barbarigo Gran Canal
Barbarigo's palace facade to Grand Canal
Ca'Rezzonico's ballroom
Each itinerary tells us the history of the city and that is why I invite you to continue with more itineraries here. Or also tell us one that you have done here

15 centuries of history that we can hear through its streets, its palaces, its bridges and its canals. Venice is much more than a day tour.

2 days itinerary coming soon ...

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