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Casanova Museum Experience 2020-1716

The museum of a seducer

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As you pass through the rooms, you will enjoy the atmosphere, sounds, settings and costumes that witnessed the events related to Casanova and the time in which he lived.

There are handwritten documents by Casanova, objects and original clothing of the time. Casanova's literary works, apart from their intrinsic literary value, have an important documentary value due to the history of the customs they describe in order to know the daily life of the 18th century, although it refers mainly to the nobility and bourgeoisie that were the social classes that Casanova met frequently.




On this tour you can visit the places of a city that Casanova described in his memoirs, the memories of his love affairs, the typical sites and environments of the 18th century society.

It is the portrait of a man who was an innate womanizer due to his enormous seduction. But apart from being an adventurer and libertine, he was also a writer, an intellectual and a inveterate traveler who toured Europe. He met the Great Catherine of Russia, Rousseau, Voltaire, Frederick of Prussia, Cagliostro, and many more.

Follow Casanova in this tour of Venice:


Fragment of Casanova's memoirs that reflects his character: One day when her maid cut Mrs. F. the ends of her long hair in my presence, she distracted me by picking up the small and beautiful strands and placing them on the dressing table, Except for a wisp that I put in my pocket, thinking she wouldn't notice.

But, as soon as we were alone, she told me sweetly but a little serious to give her back that curl I had collected. It seemed to me that she treated me with a rigor as cruel as unfair, but I obeyed and with a disdainful air I threw the curl on the dressing table. "Gentleman, you are missing me." It cost you nothing to pretend that you did not notice this innocent robbery. "I don't like to pretend." Does such a childish robbery bother you so much? " But this robbery shows feelings for me that you, who are my husband's trusted man, are not allowed to feed.

I locked myself in my room, undressed, and lay down on the bed. I pretended sick. In the afternoon she came to visit me and left me a little package when she shook my hand. When I opened it, alone, I discovered that she had wanted to repair her greed by giving me very long locks. With them I made a very fine cord, at one end of which I put a black bow, so that I could strangle myself if love ever drove me to despair. I cut the rest with scissors, reduced it to a very fine powder and commissioned a confectioner to mix it with a paste of amber, sugar, vanilla, angel hair, alquermes and storax in my presence.

I waited for the pills to be ready before I left. I kept them in a beautiful rock crystal bucket, and when Mrs. F. asked me their composition I told her that they had something that made me love her.

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